ESOP is an organization that represents Portuguese companies that are dedicated to the development of software and which provide services based on Open Source technologies. We integrate a set of reference companies with proven experience in national and international projects.


Entrevista a Paulo Ribeiro

The 'Open Source and Digital Transformation' workshop on the theme 'UX / UI & Digital Experience Platforms' held at LNEC, Lisbon, on October 22nd, was approached on the ‘Open Source Y Transformación Digital En Portugal – Plataformas De Experiencia Ux , Ui y Digital Con ESOP Y AMA’ podcast.

ESOP, represented by the board member Fernando Gomes (from the associate Eurotux), attended the inauguration of ANACOM's new Northern Monitoring Center on 24 October in Porto.

Prémio Abertura Award 2019 Finalists

ESOP presented on 4 October 2019 the Prémio Abertura Award 2019, an annual award that aims to distinguish the entities that contribute to the promotion of Open Source software and Open Technologies in Portugal.

sessão boas vindas

On October 22, the first session of the 'Open Source & Digital Transformation' Workshop, organized in partnership between AMA (Administrative Modernization Agency), TicApp and ESOP, took place at the National Civil Engineering Laboratory in Lisbon.

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