Advantages of being an Associate

ESOP promote, develop and revitalize the open source software market in Portugal and defend the rights and legitimate interests of companies in the sector.

All IT companies in which a significant part of their activity focuses on provide services or develop products based on open source technologies, may be an ESOP associate.

Being an ESOP member benefits from several advantages, of which we highlight:

  • Preferential access to ESOP events;
  • Exclusive access to internal events with other members and special guests;
  • Networking opportunity, receiving and sharing information, including business opportunities, with other Open Source companies;
  • Participation in the ESOP Working Groups;
  • Promotion of company news and activities on ESOP communication channels;
  • Credibility as a provider of professional Open Source services;
  • By virtue of its status as a business association, ESOP's annual fee is considered a tax charge of 150% on IRC, up to 2% of the company's billing amount.

For more information on ESOP membership conditions, contact us.