Here, you will find related legislation with IT and Open Source, in Portugal. The main legal diplomas in this area:

'Normas Abertas' (Open Standartds) Law
Law no. 36/2011 of June 21: http://dre.pt/pdf1s/2011/06/11800/0359903600.pdf (document in Portuguese)

GPTIC - Project Group for Information and Communication Technologies
Constituted by the Council of Ministers Resolution no. 46/2011 of 14 November, was amended by Council of Ministers Resolution no. 60/2012 of 10 July, the functioning of the GPTIC and the respective working groups ceased on December 31, 2015, having been replaced by the CTIC: https://dre.pt/application/conteudo/74605299 (document in Portuguese)

National Digital Interoperability Regulation
Council of Ministers Resolution no. 91/2012 of 8 November: http://dre.pt/pdf1sdip/2012/11/21600/0646006465.pdf (document in Portuguese)

Strategic Global Plan for Rationalization and Reduction of IT Costs in Public Administration
Council of Ministers Resolution no. 12/2012 of 7 February: https://pgetic.tic.gov.pt/ticgov/pgetic (document in Portuguese)

Duty of Information and the Issuance of Prior Opinion on IT
Decree-Law no. 107/2012 of 18 May: https://dre.pt/pesquisa/-/search/551977/details/maximized (document in Portuguese)

Acquisition of computer software - Total cost of ownership
Defined in the State Budget Law for 2014 - Law no. 83-C / 2013, of December 31, (document in Portuguese).

CTIC - Council for Information and Communication Technologies in Public Administration
"Considering the work already done and the knowledge and experience acquired by GPTIC (...) the Council of Ministers decides: 1 - To constitute the project group".
Council of Ministers Resolution no. 33/2016: https://dre.pt/application/conteudo/74605299 (document in Portuguese).