ESOP at ANACOM's Northern Monitoring Center Inauguration

ESOP at ANACOM's Northern Monitoring Center Inauguration

2019- 10- 29

Represented by the board member Fernando Gomes (from the associate Eurotux), ESOP attended the inauguration of ANACOM's new Northern Monitoring Center on 24 October, in Porto.

ANACOM's Northern Monitoring Center has been remodeled to respond to the exponential technological developments and to provide better working conditions for its employees. Now allows 24/7, 365-day control of wireless communications including security and emergency services.

The inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, and the Vice-President, Filipe Araújo, some telecommunications companies, business associations (including ESOP), amateur radio and the Judicial Police.
We got to know the three spaces: the monitoring room, the crisis room and the museum.

The presence of ESOP at this inauguration stems from one of the goals of this board which aims to increase the visibility and exposure of ESOP in order to also improve the recognition of ESOP, and its Associates, as an Open Source competence center.